2018 Pro Nostalgia Association Rules
Last Updated: March 13, 2018

    • Before becoming a Pro Nostalgia Association member, your vehicle must be capable of running 7.99 or quicker and be driven by an NHRA licensed driver. Valid NHRA competition license mandatory. NHRA E.T. and Advanced E.T. rules apply accordingly.

    • Annual membership in the Pro Nostalgia Association is $100 and is REQUIRED to run with the class.

    • Pro Nostalgia membership must be paid in advance of the first qualifying pass at the first race the car participates in and is in effect until the end of the current season (the first race of the following year). Dues must be paid before making a pass with Pro Nostalgia.

    • The race season begins at the first race of each year and lasts until the first race of the following year.

    • A current member is defined as a driver or owner of a PARTICIPATING CAR that meets organization rules and criteria with dues paid for the current season.

    • Required "participation" is defined as having attended a race on the current PN season schedule with the car, signed in to race in the PN class and being in possession of at least a tech card for the event.

    • In the event of a rainout/cancelation or partial event at the first scheduled race of the season, those cars with dues paid and in possession of a tech card are considered participants and valid members for the new season.

    • Changes to rules or format will require a vote of the current membership; ONE VOTE per current participating vehicle. No rules will change during the race season. So that every active, participating member has the opportunity to vote, membership voting will occur online within an allotted time frame.

    • Test and Tune is free for a PARTICIPATING CAR Pro Nostalgia member, YOU MUST contact Nick Pruett at 360-901-6593 and he will make arrangements with the track. Do not contact the track directly.

    Car Regulations
    • Vehicle must be capable of running 7.99 or quicker and be driven by an NHRA licensed driver.

    • 1970 and older body style. All dragsters must be front engine. By a vote of the membership, 1978 and older nostalgia funny car bodies are allowed. Must be period correct car.

    • No minimum vehicle weight.

    • No cubic inch limit.

    • Starting line RPM control devices prohibited. Throttle control must be manually operated by driver's foot. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, or any other device may in no way effect the throttle operation.

    • Mechanical injection only. No electronic injection or carburetors.

    • Electronic or air operated throttle stops, stutter boxes and delay boxes are prohibited. All devices must be removed from the car. All cars subject to inspection.

    • Car may have air or electric shifter, but must be controlled by driver, not MSD or RPM device.

    • Transmission brakes, shift lights and high RPM single step rev limiters allowed. No two-step limiters.

    • Nitrous permitted on un-blown vehicles.

    • All cars subject to inspection.

    • .400 pro tree. Deep staging permitted.

    • NHRA E.T. and Advanced E.T. rules apply accordingly.

    • Lowest E.T. will qualify.

    • Identical E.T.'s will be determined by MPH.

    • Cars must run 7.99 or quicker in qualifying to run in eliminations. Exceptions to this rule would be if there were less than 2 qualifying passes due to weather or track related problems.

    • All cars MUST qualify with the Pro Nostalgia group during scheduled sessions. Additional test passes are left to the discretion of track management, but test passes will NOT count for qualifying.

    • Those not making a qualifying pass will draw numbers if the field is not full.

    • Cars must alternate lanes during qualifying, no singles unless upgrading license or there are an odd number of cars.

    • Two 8-car classes will run during eliminations. The quickest 8 qualifiers will run in a class called Pro Nostalgia A, the next 8 quickest qualifiers will run in a class called Pro Nostalgia B.

    • Cars must dial 7.99 or quicker in eliminations.

    • .400 pro tree. Deep staging permitted.

    • Eliminations will follow NHRA Pro style ladder.

    • Good sportsman rule (per NHRA rulebook). Track officials have the last word.

    • Lower E.T. from previous round will get lane choice.

    • Dial-in must not be more than 2/10ths slower than the fastest qualifying time.

    • In the event of broken qualifiers, everyone will be moved up to create a full ladder before the start of eliminations. Cars from the B field will be moved up until there is a full eight car A field.

    • When the ladder is turned into the tower and before the start of eliminations, in the event of broken qualifiers in Pro Nostalgia A, the # 9 qualifier will be spot substituted into the broken qualifier’s position to create a full ladder before the start of eliminations. In the case of multiple A field broken qualifiers, #9 qualifier will fill the fastest A field broken position and the #10 qualifier will fill the slower broken position. Cars from the B field will be moved up until there is a full eight car A field in this format. Non-qualified cars (outside the 16 car field) will be moved up into the B field as needed to create a full ladder.

    • The ladder will be fully filled with race-ready cars in the interest of providing the best show possible. *If break happens when cars are moving to the staging lanes, there will be no changes to the ladder.

    • Report to the designated PN trailer (usually closest to the tower) with your dial-in no later than 1/2 hour before the round. If your dial-in is not indicated at that time, you will automatically be dialed at your qualifying E.T.

    • In the event that the B field has an odd number of entries, the B ladder will be constructed such that the quickest qualifier gets a bye in round one.

    • In the event that a B field car or cars are pulled into the Pro Nostalgia “A” field ladder, the B field ladder will be reconstructed, unless the # 9 qualifier has a single from the previous set ladder, then the ladder will be ran as first set.


    Pro Nostalgia A: Win - $1000, RU - $500, Semi - $250
    Pro Nostalgia B: Win - $300, RU - $200
    *Minimum number of 3 cars for B class.

    Purse will be pro-rated if less than 8 cars in a class. Pro Nostalgia Shootout: Win - $1000; RU - $500; Semi - $250 Pro Nostalgia Championship: Winner $1000, 2nd place $750, 3rd place $500

    • Pro Nostalgia drivers will earn points toward a season championship. Each car that attends a race (i.e. fills out a tech card) will receive 30 points, and will then earn 20 points per round in eliminations. Car must stage under its own power to earn 20 points. In addition, the winner will receive an extra 20 points.

    Winner - 110 points

    Runner-Up – 90 points

    Second round loss - 70 points

    First round loss - 50 points

    Qualifying positions earn points as follows:

    1st - 8
    2nd - 7
    3rd - 6
    4th - 5
    5th & 6th - 4
    7th & 8th - 3
    9th through 12th - 2
    13th through 16th - 1
    •In the case of rain out, all drivers turning in a tech card will receive 30 points.

    •Qualifying points will be awarded if at least 2 full rounds of qualifying are completed.

    •If you normally run in Pro Nostalgia A, but qualify at a race in B, you don't get points. A B Field car can get points in A or B, but is running for Pro Nostalgia B points.

    •Worst race is thrown out for points. All Pro Nostalgia races count for points.

    Pro Nostalgia Shootout
    This event will pit the top 8 qualifying performers of the season plus two alternates in a special invitation-only event at the Fall Classic at Woodburn Dragstrip in September. The points for this event will be kept separate from the season points, and will be based solely on qualifying performance.

    Points for the shootout will be earned as follows:

    #1 - 175 points#9 - 120
    #2 - 165#10 - 115
    #3 - 155#11 - 110
    #4 - 145#12 - 105
    #5 - 140#13 - 100
    #6 - 135#14 - 95
    #7 - 130#15 - 90
    #8 - 125#16 - 85
    At the Shootout, the invited drivers will receive free entry for car and driver and four crew.

    Entry Fees
    • Current Participating members receive free entry of; car, driver and ONE crew member at Woodburn events that Pro Nostalgia is scheduled at. Entry fees may vary at other tracks.

    • Test and Tune is free for other weekends besides a race, just make sure to contact Nick at least three days in advance of attending.

    Pit Space
    For all Pro Nostalgia participating cars, participants must confirm attendance of the next scheduled Pro Nostalgia race with Nick Pruett @ 360-901-6593, at least 10 days before the next Pro Nostalgia race. If you fail to confirm that you will be attending, you are not guaranteed a pit space with the Pro Nostalgia group.

    Questions about events: Call Woodburn Dragstrip 503-982-4461. For questions about the Pro Nostalgia Association schedule, rules or class format, call Nick Pruett @ 360-901-6593.